Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Unpredictable Life

It’s all planned for each and every one of us isn’t it? Go to a good college, get a nice job, start your own business, get married, have kids, and the perfect illusion that we make out of life materializes, but have you ever given it a thought that no matter how much you  plan life always comes with a twist. A twist that either breaks you or makes you, depends on the perspective and the attitude of the individual.
      One day without a plan is a day without purpose, a useless day, people think. What people don’t realize is that you can’t plan everything in life and that you can’t control everything.
     If asked, whether a person would happily give away his life this very instant, he’ll surely say no, why? Because they have some unfinished business some unfinished plan left to be realized. Plan, an indefinite plan, a plan that if realized incubates a new plan. Having goals is good, having a purpose in life is the best thing that a person can do for himself, it gives you a reason to live(and everybody needs that isn’t it), but it all becomes really complicated when your plan interferes with your ability to live the present to the fullest . Life is happening  this very day, it’s happening this very instant, if you don’t live it now it won’t come back and knock at your door again afterwards. We’re constantly in a state of deterioration, everyday you become older, wiser and closer to death, what matters is,  the day that passed by was spent living or planning for something that you’re not sure will even happen or not.   
         The beauty of life is in its unpredictability, the excitement and the suspense. Every day is a riddle; you keep uncovering it while you live through it. It could be a mundane day or an exciting one, only you can decide. While watching the movie The Girl Next Door, I came across this exceptional dialogue in which the actress asks the actor “What’s the craziest thing you’ve done lately!”  Every day you should ask yourself the same question and every day the answer should come out to be different, then only you can qualify yourself as completely alive.