Friday, March 8, 2013

Cheers to the Absolute Vodka of our lives - Happy Women's Day

This Women’s Day, cheers to all the women in my life. Thanks to my mom for being my strength and also my worst critic. Thanks to my sis-in-law for her patience in dealing with me. Thanks to my elder sister for making my breakfast at 6 in the morning when I went to school. Thanks to my X girl friend for teaching me that I should not let any girl to get out of my control :D.

I can’t describe and I can’t predict the depth of the effect that these ladies continue to have on my life. Above all a mother is the epitome of patience who lovingly bears all of our tantrums from the day we were born. Your sister is your best companion, your friend, your silent guardian (guards you from dad’s wrath), your teacher (my sis used to teach me math, all the time), she’s the one who’s next to your mother and what not. I can write a book on my sister and yet not be satisfied. Then enters your GF, she teaches you how to control yourself from killing anyone even if you have all the intention to do so. She teaches you that going out in the evening is essential for your well being even if you are in a crisis or in middle of your exams…haha, other than the good part she also teaches you to love, to live and most importantly come out of your beloved couch and really start doing something. Then comes your sis-in-law who is a completely different breed altogether. At first she seems like she’s coming from a different world but after some time she becomes your best companion and inspiration. She teaches you to be patient, she takes care of the family and she understand you. Even if she’s not able to understand your brother she will understand you; she’s a friend and after your sis gets married and leaves you, she’s the one to fill her gap.

A Grand Salute To All These Women, they have been an inspiration. In the end we men know that without the opposite sex we’re an empty mineral water bottle which will only be worth when either it contains mineral water or water mixed with Absolute Vodka. 

Cheers to the Absolute Vodka of our lives. 

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