Sunday, March 10, 2013

Good Day Folks - Morning Wishes From A Fellow Indian Friend

I always wonder what would it feel like if the sun rises right in front me at 12 in the midnight while I'm preparing myself for a good night's sleep after finishing the day's work. It’s midnight here in India and almost everyone around me has fallen asleep, so I thought about writing this article for the people living in countries where the sun has already risen or is about to rise.

 Howdy dear friends! Hope your day turns out to be a great. I hope you get through this day without being run over by a vehicle, without slipping and felling on a banana skin, carelessly thrown by some idiot, on the road; without being shouted at by your boss and without having to work for more than 8 hours on this day. I wish that your spouse maintains a good mood throughout the day and treats you with intimate kisses and hugs whenever you meet her and that she does not pester to meet your in-laws and I also wish that she gives you enough space to let you watch your favorite game and most importantly I wish she understands you this day. I hope that your coffee machine does not malfunction and I also hope that your dog does not piss on your couch today. I pray for the late comers that they are able to get the cab on time and are not stymied by traffic along the way. I sincerely wish that your colleague does not try to get credit for your idea, that you secretly told him, by babbling it out to the boss before you were able to. For the single people I wish you get your “damsel in distress” and are able to discover your princely ways and long lost heroism by rescuing her or her Apso (one and the same thing). For the fat ones I hope that “fate keeps you away from Pizza Hut’s way”. For the beautiful I hope your sunscreen does a good job by saving you from all that unhealthy UV radiations and also that your beauty enhancing efforts are recognized in your circle. For the crazy ones I hope you find your craze. For the lazy ones I wish you find a way to earn money by keeping your lethargy and integrity intact. For the hard workers I wish your vacation plan doesn't get screwed and your leaves are approved by your boss. For the nagging ones I hope you do not have a “busy day” .

With all these crazy wishes I wish you all a VERY GOOD MORNING while I will sleep in sleep’s tight and comfy embrace and prepare for my crazy day tomorrow.

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