Sunday, July 28, 2013

Why Do Men Behave Like Women

Since ancient times men have been the provider and the protector. God gave them a logical mind to aid in the survival of their families whereas women were supposed to sit at home and control the kids and cook that raw deer the men brought home after hunting. Women had nothing to do other than that, and logic had nothing to do with whatever chores women had to perform inside their straw homes. But there was something that had to be developed, so women developed sensitivity. Sensitivity for her kids and also sensitivity for her fellow females who needed someone to be sensitive with them so that they may not feel alone. Among other things that developed was their ability to multitask, to seduce and to nag.
In ancient times, that is in the golden ages women subconsciously knew about this difference so they did not interfere with the men's psyche. Things got worse when the gap between men's rationality and a women's sensitivity squeezed to an ant. Women thought that they could also be rational and men were falsely made to believe them by men's own stupidity and a women's carnal abilities. Things were going well until the balance between men's rationality and women's sensitivity was disturbed. Men started behaving like women and women not aware of whatever's happening blamed it on the guy, and so these phrases like,

"Don't be a pussy."

"You're such a girl."

"Stop crying like a girl."

"Why are you so sensitive?" Came into existence.

Reality check ladies. You want us to be sensitive and when we start behaving like it, you curse us to be behaving like you.

Are men to be blamed ? Yes! God gave you the gift of reason and you let it get wasted by trusting some extraterrestrial, oversensitive species, more than yourself (there are scientific proofs that women actually came from Venus). You just want to believe them or they will make you believe them, and they have the means to do that.  You get seduced by their beauty and their lustful ways. Inside you know that you don't want to do as they want, because you know that it may not be in your best interest, but she is still able to carry you away with her irresistible scent and her jaguar like curves. 

God made men with with just one manufacturing defect. Actually there are two but I would like to talk about one. Like in the words of Robin Williams.

"God gave us all a penis and a brain, but only enough blood to run one at a time."

This is so true. This is men's weakness and men who can control it, can control their girl and control their world.

So why am I even writing this article ? To tell you about a fact? To discuss something ? None of it. I just want to talk. Want to talk you about how things are. Maybe you could give me a solution to this. What happens to men's reason when women come and ask us to do the most illogical thing ? What happens to my reason when I try and concentrate on my big presentation tomorrow at work and I think about her and can't concentrate? Why can't men say no to something when that thing is asked of them during a passionate kiss? Why do men have the urge to not see women's grouchy and sad faces and eventually yield to their outrageous demands? 

All I know that for us men nothing is for free. We have to pay for everything be it for a pizza or keeping his woman happy, whereas for women everything is free. Things have been like this since ages and I dread that things may not change in the near future.

Is there a solution or are we damned to live in this constant war of logic vs sensitivity inside our magnanimous brains? 

Friday, July 26, 2013

Booze Booze Everywhere, Not A Scotch To Sniff

Sheer awkwardness and helplessness can overwhelm you so badly during certain situations. I recently went through such an experience. Me and my relatives went to this Pub where everybody was allowed to drink but me, and this was due to me being the youngest of them all.

I was too devastated than frustrated to an ocean of booze all around, and not being able to take just a pint or two out of the shore myself. I got so pissed that I sat in my place and did not talk to anyone. My father noticed me and began his unrelenting ordeal to make small talk with me. Just to figure out what was going on in my mind.

Excerpts from that talk.

What I wanted to say

Dad : " Why aren't you saying anything?"
Me : " I am not saying anything because I so very badly wanna do something else with my mouth."
After a little while.

Dad :" Don't be bored. We are here for a very "short" stay. Atleast you should enjoy."
Me : "What? Did you say shot? I am up for one."

Dad : " Is anything bothering you?"
Me : " No dad, it's everything that is bothering me and what bothers me the most is that you have had your 3 large and I cannot even sniff my  regular scotch."

Dad : " Eat properly, do you not like the food."
Me : " My throat is really dry dad,it's choking, can I order a drink to wet it a little? Maybe then the food will slide down my throat !"

My dad telling other guests,
Dad : " My son is a very fun loving person, but he takes some time to open up."
Me : " Yeah dad, just let me order one little one and I swear that I won't require a single second to open up."

What I really said

Dad : " Why aren't you saying anything?"
Me : " Got this really important mail to send." I said while playing temple run 2 in my phone.

After a little while.
Dad : " Don't be bored. We are here for a very "short" stay. Atleast you should enjoy."
Me : " I am enjoying dad just don't feel like saying much." I said crossing 5000 metres.

Dad : " Is anything bothering you?"
Me : " Nothing dad, just don't feel like talking."

Dad : " Eat properly, do you not like the food."
Me : " Had too much in evening snacks. I feel so full."

My dad telling other guests,
Dad : " My son is a very fun loving person, but he takes some time to open up."
I let go of this comment with a smile in my face.


Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Art Of Moving On : Practical Techniques On How To Let Go And Move On After A Nasty Breakup Part 2

Moving On Tip No.6

"I Don't Want To move on". Please stop fooling yourself :

Now don't tell me that you don't want to move on! You know that it's just an excuse for the old you trying to run away from a more independent new you. Please don't tell me that your heart rate doesn't rise when you accidently run into a cute girl in a music or a grocery store. Don't you feel nice when a nice girl just passes by and smelled like roses,fresh, right out of god's factory?  What if a beautiful and sexy girl comes and sits just beside you on a flight? Don't tell me that you don't have the urge to talk to her.

The 'I Don't want to move on' thinking comes to mind when you're not brave enough to go forth and talk to the girl whom you find attractive. We are men after all ! We have urges. Listen to those urges. Buckle up and flirt !

Moving On Tip No.7

Stop comparing every new girl that you meet to your ex :  Human beings compare. It's in our nature. Your mom and dad compare you to your friends, poor people compare their lives to the rich and  some people even compare their lives to their dogs. They say " Oh! Tommy(strictly referring to the dog race here) has such a nice life. He sits, eats, plays, barks, takes a poop and then sleeps, why can't I be like him?" Please don't do that, do not compare. Don't compare yourself with a dog and please don't compare your ex with any new girl you meet. Eventually you will find that all the girls are the same from the inside and that only their exterior packaging was different. Once you peel that skin one layer after the other, you will be amazed to find that eventually they all come out to be just the same; so please don't judge and compare.Don't keep fantasizing about your so called ' perfect ex  ', instead strive to make your relationship with the new girl a fantasy.Then life will be a gift, every morning will be a very good morning and every night <!CENSORED!>.

Moving On Tip No.8

You Are Not Alone : If it makes you feel any better, seeing people suffer with you, then you are in luck. You are not alone. The whole men race is suffering. Some people have crossed this ocean of pain while some are still struggling to swim to the shore. What I want to convey is, keep struggling and one day you will also come over it. Please don't shut yourself down to new girls and new opportunities, the future of the Alpha Male is dependent on you, and every individual's contribution is important.

Moving On Tip No.9

Stop running away from her : If you are still emotionally attached to your ex I know that whenever you see her number flash on your cell phone, your heart start running as if in a 100 m sprint. Whenever you look at the pics with the two of you together you feel an unbearable remorse.

To avoid feeling like this, you start running away from her. You change your number, burn her pictures and even delete your common friends from your facebook account. What you don't realize is that you are running away because of fear. Fear from facing a feeling that can always return in the future and haunt you.

So face it, face your fear, face it now and don't let it haunt you your whole life.Face that feeling like a soldier in war who has no way out. Pick up her call. Feel the pain when you hear her sweet voice, feel it good, cry out loud and get used to the feeling. Don't burn her pictures, have a nice look at them. What do you feel? Now take them out the next day and the next until you feel alright about them. Pick up her calls, listen to her voice even if your heart seems like it will fall out of your chest. Face the feeling now and get it over it. Don't let it haunt you the rest of your awesome life.

Moving On Tip No.10

Be Selfish : It's a bad world out there. Full of heartaches and you can't shy away from it. You need to fight it and win against all odds. You need to live your life to the fullest, find your perfect match and live your life with all the love and satisfaction.

In the course of achieving all this, you need to think a little bit about yourself too. I know that you are a nice guy, all helping and also that you are a 'very understanding and caring boy friend'. But being selfish does not qualify you as a bad person. People can be selfish in a good way also. Being selfish also means taking care of yourself, taking time to think about your well being. Being selfish also means being aware of some witch's evil plan and not to let her fool you.

Be selfish, keep your eyes wide open and if you find a suitable match who is also loyal to you and loves you the way you love her then drop your guard and embrace her fully.

Link To Part One (Y9ND7MTE5EXQ) :

The Art Of Moving On : Practical Techniques On How To Let Go And Move On After A Nasty Breakup

Friday, March 15, 2013

The Art Of Moving On : Practical Techniques On How To Let Go And Move On After A Nasty Breakup

"Sometimes you just have to turn around, give a little smile, throw the match and burn that bridge. Learn from your mistakes and change them for the better."
Hey fellow readers! Let me tell you all a little bit about myself before we go on this journey of  'Moving On'. First! I am just a person. Second ! I have also been in love and have had my heart broken into small, tiny, microscopic pieces. Third! I am not a relationship expert who has all the answers and I'm sure nobody has. What I have to offer, is an experience, an experience that I will share with you in parts.

'Moving On' is an art and since we all are artists in some way or the other we can all learn to practice this art and master it eventually. An attachment to the past not only gives rise to unnecessary emotional stress but also hinders the natural process through which you improve and transform yourself to become a better human being. A large part of the human race, the young and the old, find it difficult to move on after a break up.

"A body tends to be in its present state before being acted upon by some force," as Newton says it; the first law of motion is so analogous to our psyche as well. We are resistant to change, always reluctant to move forward. We always want the old ways back, we are emotionally tied up to the place we grew up, we're emotionally tied to our first bike, our families and our childhood pet. While all these memories are healthy, emotional attachment to your EX can be detrimental to your emotional and physical well being.

Here are some powerful tips that, if taken seriously, will surely help you to forget about her and get on with your life.

Moving On Tip No.1 

Decide firmly that you want to move on : Are you sure you want to move on and you definitely don't want to go back and make things better? Yes ? Then carry on reading. First, make sure that you won't go back what comes may. Whenever you have a strong urge to go back, think of the scenarios that will help you to stay away from her. It may be the regular fights, the constant nagging, her many male friends, her habit of flirting with other guys, her non-understanding attitude, her indifference towards you, etc. Think about what may go wrong if you get back together. Write it down on a piece of paper and say it out loud. Maybe you are sure that the flame wont be reignited, that you are exhausted,  and that going back will only make things worse for you if not better.

After thinking about all this are you still sure? Then read further my dear friend !

Moving On Tip No.2

Remind yourself the kind of 'BITCH' she was : Remember the day when she turned your friends against you? Or when she told you that she's out with her family and went to meet a mysterious guy friend? Or do you remember how bad she made you feel about yourself everyday ? Or how she ignores your calls when she is with her friends ? Also, do you remember when she said that she will leave you if her parents won't approve of you?
Every time you feel like going back to her, please remind yourself what kind of a bitch she was to make you feel so angry so unwanted and unappreciated. How she cheated or fooled you into believing that this relationship will last forever or that she will never ever leave you or lie to you.

Moving On Tip No.3

If she's happy without you then why can't you be? : Girls have an excellent ability, the ability which helps them score good grades even when their relationships are going through a hard phase or even in the midst of a break up; if you are put in the same scenario you will hopelessly struggle to concentrate on a single word and have difficulty to even score a decent 'D'. It is a very rare gift from the almighty, a gift of 'forgetfulness'. They can easily forget anyone or anything. So far, guys have not been able to develop this ability but I'm sure evolution will help bring this ability in the future men's race and then we can be at par with  ladies on this so called 'GIFT OF FORGETFULNESS'. Until then keep fighting the good fight comrades!

Yes, girls forget and she has forgotten everything about you. She's forgotten all about the great times you had, the bond that you shared, the compassionate kisses and intimate hugs. She may also be busy making new memories altogether with your best friend, then why do you have to bother so much and stick yourself to those past experiences. Be happy, talk to new people,date, flirt and make your own experiences. Do whatever makes you happy. What would you like to do if you had time just for yourself? Do it now, this is the right time. Make use of this period of joy, it is also a gift from the almighty. Think about the activities that make you happy rather thinking about her and just go forth and do those activities.

Moving On Tip No.4

You Are Awesome. Love and reward yourself everyday : Remember ! You are You!!  Shun any self-deprecating thought. Hit the gym, go swimming, go watch your favorite game or immerse yourself in an activity that you love to do. Make use of the new found freedom and do something constructive with it. Remember that being in a romantic relation is a full time job and does not give you enough time to concentrate on yourself and the things that matter to you.
Start Loving yourself, you are awesome!
Moving On Tip No.5

Stop hitting yourself, stop hitting yourself, why are you still hitting yourself ? (In the words of the great Mike Myers): Got this one from the movie 'The Love Guru'. The most important thing that you should stop doing right now is blaming yourself. If anything, blame her ! Blame her for not understanding, for not paying attention to your wants and desires. Blame her for her selfishness and egoism. Blame her for lying to you. Have infallible faith in yourself when you blame her. Thoroughly believe that whatever blame you are putting on her is absolutely correct. This will give you a satisfaction that you could never have imagined, try it and experience the 'Wonders of blaming'.

Moving On Tip No.6

Understand that pain is only transient : You need to understand that what you are feeling right now is only transient and will only last until you have found yourself a suitable match. One of the goals of the human race is to find a suitable match and live their whole lives with them or in a nutshell 'Reproduce'. Understand that the goal will be reached eventually but now the path will be different. The pain will only last until you find the one who is best for you. Until then live your life going around with random chicks and being hopeful in the background.

I will be posting some more tips on the Art Of Moving On, until then practice all the techniques given above and tell me how they make you feel. Keep visiting my blog as I try to fight this 'Not Moving On Amongst Guys' syndrome.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Pros And Cons Of A Breakup - A Thorough Analysis

Finding Your True Self - Inspirational Quotes

Refer to the link  given below to read my article on :

Finding Your True Self - Become Who You Are Destined To Be

Finding Your True Self - Become Who You Are Destined To Be

I’m doing a lot of work these days. I’m working to make my life more powerful, more worthwhile and more satisfying. I've taken a break from my work and my routine and I usually write and contemplate. The questions that I ask myself are – What can I do to make my life more fulfilling? What am I doing right now to make it that way? What do I want in my life right now? What really amuses me? After 5 years from now what would I like to tell people about myself? What is my ideal house and surrounding? What are the types of people I would like myself to be surrounded with, 5 years from now? How much money would I like to have? How can I balance my career and my emotional cravings? How would I like to be remembered by people after I died? The list goes on and on and on. So far I haven’t been able to figure out all the answers but I have found the answers to some and they do feel satisfying.

I think that if you just clear your mind from everything, every negative thought and every responsibility and then sit and start doing something that you really enjoy, that something will answer a lot of questions about you. Maybe you like to sit and write, like me, or maybe you like to paint or it may be that you get awesome crazy ideas when you are free. It could be anything or everything but you just need to sit and think about it and accept it. Once you have accepted yourself then starts the difficult part, your struggle for acceptance in this worldBut first, you need to accept yourself.
"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win."
-Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

The struggle for acceptance is a hard one, but with firm resolve and commitment you can make it happen for yourself. You can force people to accept you by proving them wrong.  In these times of opportunity anybody can do anything. Everybody has the means but not the will. It’s the people who have the ‘will’, will also find the means and will survive and be able to lead a truly fulfilling life.

One of the things that I dread the most is when I picture myself sitting in a chair all old and withered, contemplating about what would my life have been had I shown a little courage and gone through my life the way my heart told me to go. This nightmare always keeps me in track and always reminds me of what is important to me in my life.

The key is that you don’t go after the path that people set for you, that way you can only become a follower. This is your life, you have to make your own path; and you will be the only one who will bear the consequences of the decisions you make and not anybody else. In this way, when you set your path and move on with full courage and determination, then only you can create something of value and also influence people to follow in your footsteps. Only then will you become a true leader in your eyes and also in the eyes of this world around you. You will become the master of your destiny.

So think, think deeply. And if you can’t find it, keep thinking, keep searching. Do not lose hope. You will surely be able to find the thing that you love to do and that one of many things that you are best at. Only then will your life become more beautiful, more fulfilling and more satisfying. You will become the Michael Angelo of your masterpiece, that masterpiece which you will proudly call your ‘life’.

So think and think harder. Take some risks. Do not fail in this struggle of constantly finding and exploring yourself. Since this approach gives you the ultimate reward of satisfaction, this approach is not easy. But the rewards are so great that this struggle seems nothing in front of them.  

This post is dedicated to the rebels, the eccentrics who forced the world to follow in their footsteps because of their unmovable faith and firm resolve and also to those people who are struggling to find their true self. This faith can only be generated if you do something that really matters to you. In the end we all have to make a name for ourselves in the world and through this approach I’m sure that not only will you be able to make a big bold statement to the world around you but also you will become a true legend, a true hero in your own self and in the end that is the thing that matters the most.

I have also handpicked a series of inspirational quotes, with images, from the internet. Refer to the link to see them :

Finding Your True Self - Inspirational Quotes