Friday, March 15, 2013

The Art Of Moving On : Practical Techniques On How To Let Go And Move On After A Nasty Breakup

"Sometimes you just have to turn around, give a little smile, throw the match and burn that bridge. Learn from your mistakes and change them for the better."
Hey fellow readers! Let me tell you all a little bit about myself before we go on this journey of  'Moving On'. First! I am just a person. Second ! I have also been in love and have had my heart broken into small, tiny, microscopic pieces. Third! I am not a relationship expert who has all the answers and I'm sure nobody has. What I have to offer, is an experience, an experience that I will share with you in parts.

'Moving On' is an art and since we all are artists in some way or the other we can all learn to practice this art and master it eventually. An attachment to the past not only gives rise to unnecessary emotional stress but also hinders the natural process through which you improve and transform yourself to become a better human being. A large part of the human race, the young and the old, find it difficult to move on after a break up.

"A body tends to be in its present state before being acted upon by some force," as Newton says it; the first law of motion is so analogous to our psyche as well. We are resistant to change, always reluctant to move forward. We always want the old ways back, we are emotionally tied up to the place we grew up, we're emotionally tied to our first bike, our families and our childhood pet. While all these memories are healthy, emotional attachment to your EX can be detrimental to your emotional and physical well being.

Here are some powerful tips that, if taken seriously, will surely help you to forget about her and get on with your life.

Moving On Tip No.1 

Decide firmly that you want to move on : Are you sure you want to move on and you definitely don't want to go back and make things better? Yes ? Then carry on reading. First, make sure that you won't go back what comes may. Whenever you have a strong urge to go back, think of the scenarios that will help you to stay away from her. It may be the regular fights, the constant nagging, her many male friends, her habit of flirting with other guys, her non-understanding attitude, her indifference towards you, etc. Think about what may go wrong if you get back together. Write it down on a piece of paper and say it out loud. Maybe you are sure that the flame wont be reignited, that you are exhausted,  and that going back will only make things worse for you if not better.

After thinking about all this are you still sure? Then read further my dear friend !

Moving On Tip No.2

Remind yourself the kind of 'BITCH' she was : Remember the day when she turned your friends against you? Or when she told you that she's out with her family and went to meet a mysterious guy friend? Or do you remember how bad she made you feel about yourself everyday ? Or how she ignores your calls when she is with her friends ? Also, do you remember when she said that she will leave you if her parents won't approve of you?
Every time you feel like going back to her, please remind yourself what kind of a bitch she was to make you feel so angry so unwanted and unappreciated. How she cheated or fooled you into believing that this relationship will last forever or that she will never ever leave you or lie to you.

Moving On Tip No.3

If she's happy without you then why can't you be? : Girls have an excellent ability, the ability which helps them score good grades even when their relationships are going through a hard phase or even in the midst of a break up; if you are put in the same scenario you will hopelessly struggle to concentrate on a single word and have difficulty to even score a decent 'D'. It is a very rare gift from the almighty, a gift of 'forgetfulness'. They can easily forget anyone or anything. So far, guys have not been able to develop this ability but I'm sure evolution will help bring this ability in the future men's race and then we can be at par with  ladies on this so called 'GIFT OF FORGETFULNESS'. Until then keep fighting the good fight comrades!

Yes, girls forget and she has forgotten everything about you. She's forgotten all about the great times you had, the bond that you shared, the compassionate kisses and intimate hugs. She may also be busy making new memories altogether with your best friend, then why do you have to bother so much and stick yourself to those past experiences. Be happy, talk to new people,date, flirt and make your own experiences. Do whatever makes you happy. What would you like to do if you had time just for yourself? Do it now, this is the right time. Make use of this period of joy, it is also a gift from the almighty. Think about the activities that make you happy rather thinking about her and just go forth and do those activities.

Moving On Tip No.4

You Are Awesome. Love and reward yourself everyday : Remember ! You are You!!  Shun any self-deprecating thought. Hit the gym, go swimming, go watch your favorite game or immerse yourself in an activity that you love to do. Make use of the new found freedom and do something constructive with it. Remember that being in a romantic relation is a full time job and does not give you enough time to concentrate on yourself and the things that matter to you.
Start Loving yourself, you are awesome!
Moving On Tip No.5

Stop hitting yourself, stop hitting yourself, why are you still hitting yourself ? (In the words of the great Mike Myers): Got this one from the movie 'The Love Guru'. The most important thing that you should stop doing right now is blaming yourself. If anything, blame her ! Blame her for not understanding, for not paying attention to your wants and desires. Blame her for her selfishness and egoism. Blame her for lying to you. Have infallible faith in yourself when you blame her. Thoroughly believe that whatever blame you are putting on her is absolutely correct. This will give you a satisfaction that you could never have imagined, try it and experience the 'Wonders of blaming'.

Moving On Tip No.6

Understand that pain is only transient : You need to understand that what you are feeling right now is only transient and will only last until you have found yourself a suitable match. One of the goals of the human race is to find a suitable match and live their whole lives with them or in a nutshell 'Reproduce'. Understand that the goal will be reached eventually but now the path will be different. The pain will only last until you find the one who is best for you. Until then live your life going around with random chicks and being hopeful in the background.

I will be posting some more tips on the Art Of Moving On, until then practice all the techniques given above and tell me how they make you feel. Keep visiting my blog as I try to fight this 'Not Moving On Amongst Guys' syndrome.

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