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The Art Of Moving On : Practical Techniques On How To Let Go And Move On After A Nasty Breakup Part 2

Moving On Tip No.6

"I Don't Want To move on". Please stop fooling yourself :

Now don't tell me that you don't want to move on! You know that it's just an excuse for the old you trying to run away from a more independent new you. Please don't tell me that your heart rate doesn't rise when you accidently run into a cute girl in a music or a grocery store. Don't you feel nice when a nice girl just passes by and smelled like roses,fresh, right out of god's factory?  What if a beautiful and sexy girl comes and sits just beside you on a flight? Don't tell me that you don't have the urge to talk to her.

The 'I Don't want to move on' thinking comes to mind when you're not brave enough to go forth and talk to the girl whom you find attractive. We are men after all ! We have urges. Listen to those urges. Buckle up and flirt !

Moving On Tip No.7

Stop comparing every new girl that you meet to your ex :  Human beings compare. It's in our nature. Your mom and dad compare you to your friends, poor people compare their lives to the rich and  some people even compare their lives to their dogs. They say " Oh! Tommy(strictly referring to the dog race here) has such a nice life. He sits, eats, plays, barks, takes a poop and then sleeps, why can't I be like him?" Please don't do that, do not compare. Don't compare yourself with a dog and please don't compare your ex with any new girl you meet. Eventually you will find that all the girls are the same from the inside and that only their exterior packaging was different. Once you peel that skin one layer after the other, you will be amazed to find that eventually they all come out to be just the same; so please don't judge and compare.Don't keep fantasizing about your so called ' perfect ex  ', instead strive to make your relationship with the new girl a fantasy.Then life will be a gift, every morning will be a very good morning and every night <!CENSORED!>.

Moving On Tip No.8

You Are Not Alone : If it makes you feel any better, seeing people suffer with you, then you are in luck. You are not alone. The whole men race is suffering. Some people have crossed this ocean of pain while some are still struggling to swim to the shore. What I want to convey is, keep struggling and one day you will also come over it. Please don't shut yourself down to new girls and new opportunities, the future of the Alpha Male is dependent on you, and every individual's contribution is important.

Moving On Tip No.9

Stop running away from her : If you are still emotionally attached to your ex I know that whenever you see her number flash on your cell phone, your heart start running as if in a 100 m sprint. Whenever you look at the pics with the two of you together you feel an unbearable remorse.

To avoid feeling like this, you start running away from her. You change your number, burn her pictures and even delete your common friends from your facebook account. What you don't realize is that you are running away because of fear. Fear from facing a feeling that can always return in the future and haunt you.

So face it, face your fear, face it now and don't let it haunt you your whole life.Face that feeling like a soldier in war who has no way out. Pick up her call. Feel the pain when you hear her sweet voice, feel it good, cry out loud and get used to the feeling. Don't burn her pictures, have a nice look at them. What do you feel? Now take them out the next day and the next until you feel alright about them. Pick up her calls, listen to her voice even if your heart seems like it will fall out of your chest. Face the feeling now and get it over it. Don't let it haunt you the rest of your awesome life.

Moving On Tip No.10

Be Selfish : It's a bad world out there. Full of heartaches and you can't shy away from it. You need to fight it and win against all odds. You need to live your life to the fullest, find your perfect match and live your life with all the love and satisfaction.

In the course of achieving all this, you need to think a little bit about yourself too. I know that you are a nice guy, all helping and also that you are a 'very understanding and caring boy friend'. But being selfish does not qualify you as a bad person. People can be selfish in a good way also. Being selfish also means taking care of yourself, taking time to think about your well being. Being selfish also means being aware of some witch's evil plan and not to let her fool you.

Be selfish, keep your eyes wide open and if you find a suitable match who is also loyal to you and loves you the way you love her then drop your guard and embrace her fully.

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The Art Of Moving On : Practical Techniques On How To Let Go And Move On After A Nasty Breakup

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