Monday, March 11, 2013

Listen To Your Heart - A Simple Test To Make You Realize What You Really Want !

There are some individuals for whom nothing is impossible and there are some for whom nothing is possible. I wonder what brings about this distinction in people and their way of thinking. Are people born like this? Or eventually turned out to be the way they are by society or by the way they are brought up. I guess this is for the psychologists to find out.

I have come across some pretty good excuses or 'reasons' when people are not able to accomplish something. Some of the classic ones are : I did not want it anyway, I have other options, this was not what I really wanted, I'm satisfied with what I have, and the list goes on. Is this the right attitude? Sometimes Yes! and Sometimes No! Our brain function is complex, but it works in fairly simple ways and that is -

 "Whatever you condition it to believe in, it will give you a thousand reasons as to why you should believe in it". 

It just won't stop making your decision seem rational to you by giving you a hundred more reasons; but your heart functions in a completely different way, inside it knows that you may just be fooling yourself, or this time you may actually be right. One should try and listen to those signals, those butterflies and those emotional pangs when you are saying something that seems rational to your brain but untrue to your heart.

We all know how to listen to the voice inside, but by constant practice and maneuver almost everybody has developed a habit to just ignore it and move on. Moving on is good, sometimes healthy also, but moving on  also gives rise to a lifetime of regrets;moving on also gives rise to guilt. So maybe sometimes it's better to 'not move on' and fix what is broken. Maybe sometimes it's better to listen your heart and feel something that is real and pure. Maybe sometimes in this fast-paced life its better to just sit and listen to the voice inside of you. This voice that is always trying to steer you in the right direction and to the right purpose.

So maybe after reading this post you will think about whether whatever it is that you are saying or commanding yourself to believe in is worth its weight or is it just one more excuse to make your mind find more rational reasons to justify your irrational decisions. 

As a test, whenever you find yourself making that 'classic excuse' just ask yourself - how would you feel when you have achieved that thing from which you are shying away from? Imagine that you have already achieved it. Take a deep breath and give a minute to think about it. How does it feel? If it feels good, then go ahead, try again and give your best this time, and if it doesn't then don't waste your time trying. 
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