Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Finding Your True Self - Become Who You Are Destined To Be

I’m doing a lot of work these days. I’m working to make my life more powerful, more worthwhile and more satisfying. I've taken a break from my work and my routine and I usually write and contemplate. The questions that I ask myself are – What can I do to make my life more fulfilling? What am I doing right now to make it that way? What do I want in my life right now? What really amuses me? After 5 years from now what would I like to tell people about myself? What is my ideal house and surrounding? What are the types of people I would like myself to be surrounded with, 5 years from now? How much money would I like to have? How can I balance my career and my emotional cravings? How would I like to be remembered by people after I died? The list goes on and on and on. So far I haven’t been able to figure out all the answers but I have found the answers to some and they do feel satisfying.

I think that if you just clear your mind from everything, every negative thought and every responsibility and then sit and start doing something that you really enjoy, that something will answer a lot of questions about you. Maybe you like to sit and write, like me, or maybe you like to paint or it may be that you get awesome crazy ideas when you are free. It could be anything or everything but you just need to sit and think about it and accept it. Once you have accepted yourself then starts the difficult part, your struggle for acceptance in this worldBut first, you need to accept yourself.
"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win."
-Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

The struggle for acceptance is a hard one, but with firm resolve and commitment you can make it happen for yourself. You can force people to accept you by proving them wrong.  In these times of opportunity anybody can do anything. Everybody has the means but not the will. It’s the people who have the ‘will’, will also find the means and will survive and be able to lead a truly fulfilling life.

One of the things that I dread the most is when I picture myself sitting in a chair all old and withered, contemplating about what would my life have been had I shown a little courage and gone through my life the way my heart told me to go. This nightmare always keeps me in track and always reminds me of what is important to me in my life.

The key is that you don’t go after the path that people set for you, that way you can only become a follower. This is your life, you have to make your own path; and you will be the only one who will bear the consequences of the decisions you make and not anybody else. In this way, when you set your path and move on with full courage and determination, then only you can create something of value and also influence people to follow in your footsteps. Only then will you become a true leader in your eyes and also in the eyes of this world around you. You will become the master of your destiny.

So think, think deeply. And if you can’t find it, keep thinking, keep searching. Do not lose hope. You will surely be able to find the thing that you love to do and that one of many things that you are best at. Only then will your life become more beautiful, more fulfilling and more satisfying. You will become the Michael Angelo of your masterpiece, that masterpiece which you will proudly call your ‘life’.

So think and think harder. Take some risks. Do not fail in this struggle of constantly finding and exploring yourself. Since this approach gives you the ultimate reward of satisfaction, this approach is not easy. But the rewards are so great that this struggle seems nothing in front of them.  

This post is dedicated to the rebels, the eccentrics who forced the world to follow in their footsteps because of their unmovable faith and firm resolve and also to those people who are struggling to find their true self. This faith can only be generated if you do something that really matters to you. In the end we all have to make a name for ourselves in the world and through this approach I’m sure that not only will you be able to make a big bold statement to the world around you but also you will become a true legend, a true hero in your own self and in the end that is the thing that matters the most.

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