Sunday, March 10, 2013

Nostalgia Returns - The Start Of Summer With A Few Lessons And Motivations

 Being at home gives you so much to catch up: you get to meet your old friends, your elders,  you also get to visit your favorite hangout  places where you went and spent quality time in your childhood and what not.

This summer gives me a feeling that I had been missing in my life since ages. The fact that I'm spending summer at home after a long span of 5 years has made me more sensitive to this feeling

 I spend my days sitting and writing about the stuff that I want to write about, all protected from the heat outside, inside my room with my air condition on. I watch TV, visit by best friend everyday and along with him drive to places where we used to go when we were kids. There’s always so much to catch up to: the old school habits, the troubles we got into together and got out of, the mischief we did, the harmless lies we told, the girls we thought we loved, etc.

It was here in this very season when I met my first love. Sometimes in the afternoon I drive to places where we used to go and kiss. In the coziness of my climate controlled car I try to relive the feeling when she placed her hand on mine and we drove to scenic and romantic places in and around the city. I visit her home, the place where we first met, the places where we used to meet and the places where we ate.

This feeling is so satisfying. It fills my heart with a feeling of warmth and compassion for my home. It gives me the strength to preserve what I have, motivates me to live this day to the fullest and to love with all my heart. It compels me to value this day, this summer, and this home that I have. It teaches me to value my family and my people who will genuinely always be there for me. 

Now after 5 years I have realized the worth of those summers that I did not value or have no concerns about what it will actually mean to me in the future. I have learnt to value each and every second of this time that I have and be grateful for the gift.

                          It’s funny how a simple feeling can teach you all this.

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