Saturday, August 20, 2011

Can't Make A Pie Without You

Got up late in the morning,
The sun mocks me,
I look at your side of the bed,
The pillow's still there ,
And it still smells like you,
felt so much like you in the night,
The day feels so heavy, my head hurts,
Nobody to get up with, my heart complains,
I get up heavily, and pick up the phone,
Dial your number, your sweet voice makes me squirm,
Oh why cant you be here,
I tell you that I miss you and thats why im singing this song
Why it's that,
That i can't even make a pie without you

I get up heavily, cursing,
Walk to the kitchen,
Smells like the pie you made the day before,
Pick up the cup and place it under the coffee maker,
Switch on the tv, and wait for the coffee maker to complete its full course,
The ph. rings and I pick up, its you,
Im angry I say, cause you left me for a day and im singing,BABYYY
I cant even make a pie without you

The newspaper flashes polictics and weird stories,
Suddenly it has stopped being interesting,
The coffee is made, one sip and I miss you again,
Suddenly the TV shows our favourite song,
Then a ringing noice startles my ear,
I pick up, and your'e their to make sure I have company my dear!!!!
And I say that I've made this song,
Its not too bad neither too long, cause
I can't even make a pie without you.

Time to go to the room and have a bath,
Going to the office never felt so difficult,
Where are my things? What should I wear?
My lord! What am I doing out here, I'm scared
Horrified I begin jittering around,
And then I see if the phone is around,
As I reach for the it, it has already rang,
It's you to guide me in my ordeal,
There's ur shirt, wear those pants,
Your shoe lays there, your suit case is all prepared,
And i say , baby here's my song,
Cause I cant even make a pir without you....

I come back, tired,my back hurts,
Somethins smelling good, I am all so glad,
There you are in the kitchen,making our favourite pie all over again,
It feels like ages since we've met baby,
And I hug you as tightly as i can,
You kiss me and grab me tightly with your soft hands,
I came back early baby, cause I can't bear to see you alone,
And I've been away but here with you all the time,Cause
I cant spend a minute away from you ,
And i say baby this is my song,
I can't even make a pie without you when ure gone...........

Love Is Only What we Do....

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