Saturday, August 20, 2011

That's How I Remember You

I turn back and find no one's around
The voice seem'd familiar the voice seemed fair
I turn around and see no one's there
I think that some one would have been there,
Some one would have cared,
Then I think about you and that's how I remember you.

I go to a mall and eye the flashy stores,
I see the models draped in a dress i'd like to gift some one,
I think of the person on whom the dress will suit the most,
I think about her ravishing dress in which she stole my heart,
I want to buy that dress but that dress would only suit this one person on earth and that's you ,
I feel a helpless tinge of emptyness yet I smile at your thought,
And thats how I remember you....
On nostalgic evenins i sit in our cafe, our favourite cafe,
And drink that favourite drink,
After taking each sip I think about passing that drink to someone who'll have the next sip and give it back,
That delicious sandwich now lays half eaten on my plate,
The other half which always belonged to some one,
But that other person cannot have her share,
A smile lays upon my face when I pay that bill and see the left half desserted on my plate as I leave,
And thats how I remember you.

When night calls and its time to call it a day and sleep,
I look at my mobile screen, to check if someone's left a msg or hope for a missed call,
But I find none, and sadness prevails all over my heart,
I still wait for the last voice that calls me in the night and whispers good night,
And thats how i remember you.

Whenever I visit that favourite hotel and order that favourite dish,
Whenever I see nobody sharing that plate with me.,
Whenever I see that nobody is there to make me eat with their hands,
Whenever the most delicious food feels bland because there's no one there to share it with,
A smile appears on my face as I think about the time that made me so fortunate,
A feeling of graciouness comes in my heart when I think about the luck that destiny brought in my life but took away,
Whenever I'm hopeful yet totally lost at the same time,
I Remember You...............

I can still feel your hands touching my face,
I can still hear your sweet voice whisper in my ears,
I can still see your fake anger yet a playfull heart inside,
I can still experience you in each n every thing that I do, think or feel.
And Thats How I remember You...........
Walking down a lonely road, I hear a voice  

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