Saturday, August 20, 2011

Life Blogger Part One

Things do change don't they? One day you are sitting at one place thinking about how you much you'd like to get out of here, and some time later voila! You are somewhere else thinking about the place you were before. Life is full of surprises, surprises that will eventually unfold whether you want it or not. You try to resist it, fight it, stop it but in the end you eventually have to embrace it( or bear it). You may take it as a curse or the proof of something that what you're living is called LIFE.

Wheneva I go to a new place I know that my days are numbered and not even once have I tried not to become too attached to a place. I opened up, I searched for good people, I found them, I made friends with them, understood them and now they are someone whom I'll remember all through my life and I hope the same for myself too. Looking back to the place I've been, I think now that I tried to live that time to the fullest, I've made some most memorable moments of my life and the most happy ones too. Whether its playing guitar till 4 in the morning singing and chattering with friends. Whether its eating the unedible mess food at the terrace together with frns with only the chit chatter making the food more bearable. or whether it's about hitting the streets to find a good mess and eventually congratulating ourrselves on our discovery. There are so many experiences that I can never forget and somehow these experiences have made me realise that they are numbered just like my days in those places. Either you understand their worth or as I said life will not wait for you to summon a surprise it'll somehow or the other throw it on your face :DDDDDD.
I look back to the days in Indore with frns, now when I see the pics that wee took of each other together, everything feels so surreal, like it never happened. How could anyone just leave such a nice life??? Why would you leave such nice ppl away and go away??? Well everybody has got their reasons and I'll not get into that, but whatever the reason the result is that nothing is static, everything changes. This change though overwhelming is quite crucial in ones life(that's in my opinion, you're free to think otherwise). Don't you think a Travel show anchor's life is somewhat better than the mundane day job of a clerk who repeats the same thing again and again everyday.? I think so!

People in general have always been obsessed with the past. "In the good olden days," they say! What they fail to realise is that the moment in which they are in right now is becoming old in this very instant. The only thing which is static is change itself. So an individual that adapts itself to his surrounding conditions and people will always emerge as happy, successful and will be surely qualified as living being because even the body of a living being undergoes constant change in his life time. He is born an infant and dies as an old being. Each n every second millions of cells are created inside his body and millions are destroyed.
All I want to say is that change is a part and parcel of life and the more early we understand it and adapt ourselves to it, the more we'll find it easy to live through this long tiresome journey. So brace yourselves people!!! Change is waiting!!!

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