Wednesday, September 28, 2011

You Fool You've Gotta Gift

He sings, she writes, they are a fantastic choir,
God says, I've given you a gift and the rest is for you to decide.
He doesn't listen, she fights and they make a joke of the allmight.

When he sleeps he dreams of the stage lights,
But when he wakes up he gotta get ready for his college lyf.
Gotta get his degree or he might loose control of his plight,
Well he's already lost it but he doesn't realise.
God yells,
You fool you've gotta gift and ure wasting it,
But he won't listen cause he wanna lead a mediocre life.

She wakes up and sees the bright daylight,
A poem comes to her mind but she doesn't have the time to write.
She's late for office and she hadn't got time,
Well time's already lost but she doesn't realise.
God begs,
You fool you've gotta gift and you're wasting it,
But she won't listen cause she wanna lead a mediocre life.

Harry's got tuition, Matt doesn't believe in miracles,
Gina turns a blind eye and Jessica doesn't want to leave her safe side,
But only if they try and realize,
And make something outta this choir.
God pleads,
You fool you've gotta gift and you're wasting it,
But they wont listen cause they wanna lead a mediocre life.

A gift is rare, a gift is special,
When you've got it you gotta make it real,
Cause that gift is all you got to make a difference,
And get whateva you want out of this life.

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  1. Nice............
    and i am sure that you are not wasting your talent(gift)........ :)