Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Oh !!!!! Selena........

She Would've Looked Better If
I Were Standing Next To Her In This Pic :D
Oh, Selena,,,,
From the day I saw you I felt like we were meant to be together,
You're so far away, but really that doesn't matter,
Cause I can cross a thousand seas to be with you forever.

When you smile, my heart tries to rip out my chest and run to you,
I had to wind my chest in chains so that I may not die because of my love
for you,
I don't know how long I can hold it now,
So why don't you tell me where do you want me to take you out.

Oh Selena,,,,
You are a 4 and I am a 4,
I'll always take good care of you,atleast better than the 14 year olds,
Give me your hand selena, promise you'll always be properly manicured,
So what do you think, can we please be together before we both grow too


I'm fed up of looking at your poster on my wall selena,
I wanna see you for real, tell you what I feel about,
Wanna hold you hands and shout out loud,
Hey people, dreamers aren't always fools,
See I've got Selena, what about you?

This aint a song,
This aint a poem Selena,
This is a man speaking out his heart for you, for real,
I hope this song comes nearer to you than I will be,
Cause,Hey why shouldn't the internet be used the way it was meant to be.

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