Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Dog's Life

He looks at me with his innocent face,
Speaking many things, all at once all in a phase,
Cause its only love that he understands and communicates with the same language with everyone around,
I look at him and envy comes to my mind,
Such a cheerful life he has, why can’t it be mine?
He never complains, he never cries,
He never keeps a grudge, he never lies,
He’s just as happy he can be and thankful for his life,
Because he doesn’t know about the impartiality done by god to his soul,
He could have been human; he could have been a lion.
But god made him a dog, a helpless creature with no strength no intelligent mind
But he doesn’t complain,
He’s just happy being, I wonder what he thinks inside.
Seeing my dog I question myself. Is there any reason for man to be unhappy?
Is there any reason for him to question his faith?
Is there any reason to be dissatisfied?
As I find the answer to my question.
I find that there is no reason to be unhappy, just a choice.
And I would say that my dog made a wise choice and is wiser than mankind.