Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Came back to my world now,
The place where I belong.
Came back to a dirty room,
Cause it was left alone with no one to care for.
Came back to my guitar and diary,
And I’m writing a song.
To kill my loneliness,
Cause I miss now what I’ve just lost.
And it was a journey to live ,
And a journey to die for,
A journey where life blossomed,
And I learned what’s life for.
Came back to my sweet old days,
Maybe came back for good.
Came back to my life that’s so fast,
That I just forget to breathe.
Came back to my lovely bike,
That has been like my old friend for years.
Came back to my lonely bed,
That has missed me for some time.
All I feel is a little nostalgia,
Of the place where I was before,
I feel I belonged there,
But not now, not anymore.

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