Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Loving A Woman

          Miles and miles to go till everything’s still and yet the destination seem so far. It’s what life is about. To a hungry soul life doesn’t end forever. And for a content soul every place is the place they wanted to be that very day. Ask a person, are you willing to die today without any regrets or wishes for the future. Barely anyone would say “Yes”.
              Love, love is forever insatiable, forever thirsty. If you truly love anyone, you’ll always want to be with her, it may become boring for a day but the next morning you want to be with her again. Love is when you are fed up, but at the same time you are ready to take more and more of her tantrums because those were the first thing you fell in love with. Love is when you talk to her and have talked for hours but it still feels like a second has passed by. Love is when you can be very stubborn, very resolute for one thing but not resolute enough to surpass her tears, because her tears makes your heart melt like wax. Love is when you can do anything for her, can go to any limits for her and still feel no regrets what so ever, because you know in your heart that it’s all worth the effort. Love is when you work all through the day, are exhausted and yet you can’t sleep without listening to her voice once in the night. Love is when you drive alone down a lonely road and still smell her sitting beside you holding your hand in hers. Love is when you can’t help thinking about her when you pass through every single place you had gone with her before. Love is when you talk to a lot of girls but no one amuses you the way she does, none makes you feel the way she does. Love is when you’re sure that nobody loves you the way she does and you’re also sure that you can’t love anyone more than you love her. Love is when she’s sick and can’t stand a sight of you, yet you are patient and take care of her with all your heart and have the best days of your life when she’s healthy again. Love is when you are not afraid to get into an argument with her just because you fear that she may leave you. Love is when you’ve had a bad fight but you still can’t sleep without snuggling unto each other. Love is when you are sure that no matter what happens you know that you’ll always be there for her. Love is when she makes you mad and feel loved at the same time. Love is the fuel on which your life runs. Love is when you realize that someone’s wishes are worth more than yours that someone’s happiness is worth more than yours that someone’s worth more than your life.

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