Sunday, October 23, 2011

Hell ! Just Do It And Do It Right Now !

There's a ancient saying" Take a leap of faith ". That means you take a leap and don't worry about falling. Some great man said I can't quote this exact words but the meaning is somewhat close to this :

Jump from the highest peak and make a parachute on the way.(Please don't try this at home or outside :::DDDDD)

  Well after sometime you are past that pit, you've taken the leap everything goes fine and then someday you realise that that jump was not worth at all so you take a jump back ( or get thrown back) and come back to the side you were before. Ready to take the leap again? You bet! You wanna do it all over again and again and again. So persistent are we, humans(especially when it comes to doing something for something we love). This phenomenon could be very often seen in romantic relations but very uncommon when it comes to achieving your goal or some other non-fatal highly rewarding work that'll surely give you something to brag about your whole life. Humans can't be blamed because blinded by society and its imperfections impregnated in them with centuries of nagging and instructing and  traditions and taboo they have become increasing programmed to believe in something they shouldn't. People are becoming increasingly afraid in taking the leap of faith and want to remain on the safer side and hence lead constrained lives. Some of us don't even know what real happiness is. Many haven't felt the feeling of butterflies in their stomach and believe me its the best feeling. It sure gives me a feeling that I'm alive, try that sometime.
Start now people, think about something that gives you butterflies in your stomach(only non criminal ones are encouraged) and do that thing. It could be talking to some random girl or a girl you love( and you don't want to confess your love to her future not so yours babies : D), maybe you want to confess something  to your father or you wanna go skydiving. Just go do it. You wont get tomorrow, its today that you have and DARR KE AAGE JEET HAI( After fear somes victory ), so go for it and see how it feels and do tell me how it feels :DDDDD.................

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