Friday, October 28, 2011

You Are A Controversy : LIVE IT !!!!!

"Please every one and you'll be fine. Don't please yourself and one day you'll surely ruin for life."
Have you ever stirred any controversy? Have you ever made heads turn? No? Then dude what are you living for? Ever wondered why the hell are you doing whatever the hell you are doing? I know you have big plans for the future, just today things are not so great but in the future voila some chamatkaar( miracle ) awaits you. Seriously? Are you this naive? 
          Just do something erratic for once for god's sake. We're so badly stuck in others expectations and in pleasing others. We define our self with other's opinions, please stop doing that to yourself. This ain't the time to please others my friend, this is the time to do something, do something crazy, something out of the league and then you'll understand.
          You probably don't realise but once you stop pleasing others and start doing your thing everything will settle down by itself. Oh ! Come on! You want me to give you some examples? Hitler convinced the whole Germany to burn their fellow countrymen in gas chambers, thousands were burnt, just because he made them believe that it was good for their country, he believed thoroughly in whatever he thought was right and others followed. Gandhi Ji liberated India because he got stuck on his belief, he had thorough faith in it and eventually everybody listened. And believe me people, their journey in this world was one hell of a bumpy ride. People's voices will eventually fade in the background behind the loud noise of your soul. 
          So don't worry dreamers, this all will pass and you will achieve whatever you want to achieve, you just need to curb your desire to please others and please Oh! Please, don't let them make you believe otherwise. We live in a world of dream killers, here everybody wants to kill each other's dream just because they were not able to follow theirs.They may say words like " Oh! you've read too many books, life doesn't work like that." Or " When reality strikes you'll be nowhere." 
"Its good to be a martyr then not have fought at all." 
          Just take a leap of faith people. For your sake, this is your life not anyone else's. Don't be overwhelmed by all the drama around you, write your own script and let the drama unfold according to your terms. There's no time to waste. Only you know what is going on inside you, ask yourself, be honest to yourself. Rise up beyond petty limitations. This is your life live it up to the fullest.
          Don't worry, you will have a lot of opposition and criticism from the world, your parents, your family maybe the whole world but who doesn't ? Tell me who achieved anything in their life without enduring all this? If people are against you, if you have enemies, then ,congratulations! You are making progress my friend, don't back out, keep fighting and eventually it will all be OK! Everything does. Some great man or woman I don't recall the name once said:
  "If everyone is happy with you, you've certainly made a lot of compromises".
          Little children have some traits which if timely recognised will correctly determine what they can do or what they are capable of. But in the process of growing up they're burdened with expectations and false impressions which gets painted on them layer after layer till the soul is lost somewhere and there's no way to reach it. 
      "So now do you want to listen to your heart! LOL, don't kid with me beta!"(Very similar to when Adam Sandler in the movie " You Don't Mess With The Zohan" tells his parents that he wants to become a hairdresser and quit his military career. :DDDD)

  •  "You've certainly lost your mind. Bheekh maango ke aage jaakar"( You will have to beg for alms eventually." ) 
  • "Dreams are for the rich we have to care about the roti's(bread) first." 
  • "Dreams will get you nowhere." 
  • "Nikal jao mere ghar se."( "Get out of my house!") 
  • "You are a nobody, you only think big, you won't be able to make it." 
  • "See the stats, how many think about the same thing that you want to achieve and how many make it big, then weigh your chances, you certainly have no chance." 
  • "People give their whole lives to it, you are just a starter."
  • "What makes you think that you are different?" 
          Sounds familiar? Then you're certainly making progress.
          Friends, for all I know, dreams are beyond logic, life is too, but this society won't understand, losers wont understand, who live comfy in their big or small houses lost  in the triumph of their fake victories and accomplishments. "I have a stable life." They say proudly. Don't be fooled by them, nothing in life is stable, Earth itself can blow up any time( thanks to global warming ) then how can their lives be stable? Let them live in their false sense of "utopia"
          So let them go to hell. You win or loose, nobody cares except you yourself. If you win they'll be jealous, if you loose they'll triumph, so why is it that you care for them so much. Just do your thing and let everything go to hell.
          So wake up people. Its our time and nobody can make us believe otherwise, think outrageous things, make impossible goals, achieve something that nobody else was able achieve and trust me you'll achieve it, just have faith, curb your desire to please everybody around you and keep making progress everyday and one day you'll be surprised what you've made out of your life.
          Eventually everyone else will follow!!!

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