Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Just Chat : How To Start A Conversation With The Girl You Like

So you like this girl since the third standard and u are not able to tell her. Now you are in the tenth standard, your hormones have started to kick real bad and still you can't muster the courage to talk to her. You see her talking to other guys and you wonder,"Damn! Why can't I do that? Those guys are so lucky." You think that you are in love but how will you make her realise? So one day you are fed up, you're just about to blow up, you can't take it any more, you'll have to tell her otherwise you'll die, and then you commit the worst mistake. You go straight to her and tell her," Uhh!! Excuse me." She looks at you, gives you a confused look still you go on and you say it, those deadly words," I love you, sorry to startle you but I do." And you expect her to hug you and say, "Hey, I love you too, lets go out for a coffee," but instead of this the opposite happens. She'll says "Oh! I'm sorry but I'm not interested," or maybe she says "Fuck off despo!" or if things are a lot worse she'll say "I'm not interested, do I even know you?" See you never existed for her. What if, somebody you never knew existed came to you( no matter how cute ) and says "Main tumhare bacche ki maa banne wali hun"( "I'm bearing your child punk!" ). Then what will your reply be? Certainly not nice.( Though you should reconsider based on the level of cuteness of that girl :DDDD)

 Well, from what I've learnt from my experience, girls are no aliens brothers. They like to talk to us as much as we like to talk to them. So go on, you like this girl? Just go and chat! Don't think a lot. A very famous author wrote "What you concentrate on gets bigger."( Why the hell I can't remember the names of these famous authors ugghhhh). So don't make any strategies, any virtual talk shows or any kind of conversation in your mind because they'll certainly be negative and they'll get bigger and bigger and eventually you'll end up not doing what you're supposed to do. Just take a deep breath, go to her and JUST CHAT. She'll certainly not kill you, she may not talk to you but she will not kill you. If you approach her courteously and in a disciplined way she'll definitely not hit you on your face! So you can relax.

I believe that every complex problem has a very simple solution. So do you like this girl? Just go and chat, don't think a lot. Waise bhi soch ke tumne kya ukhaad liya abhi tak?( Thinking never gets you anywhere action does.)( This is my pet slogan and a very effective one TM .).

Hey hey, I did not tell you one little thing. The do's and don'ts of the conversation. So when you are JUST CHATTING please don't say the following sentences, they are strictly prohibited.

  • "I want to become the father of your child"
  • "Will you marry me?"
  • "I love you ."
  • "I like you ."
  • "You're soooooooooooo beautiful."( Better start dancing like a girl after saying this :p)
  • "Do you believe in love at first sight or should I pass again."(That's old cliche now)
  • *Any one liners that you think will work, refrain from it.
  • "Hey can I take your bag?"( You want to impress her, you're not here to ask her for a servant's job)
  • "Hey I like you since *whatever centuries or eons ago*. Wanna go out?"
  • "You remind me of my sister."
  • "You remind me of my Ex-Girlfriend."
  • "You remind me of my mother." ( aww soo cute)
  • "Hey I know your big brother, can we be frns?" ( Yeah as if her bossy big brother wasn't enough)
  • "Hi, do you have a big brother?" (Pussyyyy)
  • "Hi, do you have a younger sister?" (aaaiiikkkk   despoooo......)
  • "Hey, remember me?"(Oh, come on! How is she ever gonna remember you? You don't even exist ,remember?)

  Instead, talk about something light, something that'll get the conversation going and wont make it complex. Don't twist the conversation like your cruel baai ( maid ) does with your innocent clothes.Try cracking small jokes, if wittism isn't your forte, don't push it, try and be yourself, feel wonderful about yourself. You gotta feel like You're The Man not You're The Man, "Who else will she be with, if not you?" 
Girls are very intuitive, they can differentiate quite well between a man who takes control to a man who gets controlled. 
So go for it dude.......JUST CHAT!!!!!

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